The Significance of RERA Number in Real Estate Transactions

RERA in real estate

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, transparency, trust, and accountability are of
paramount importance. In this pursuit, the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act,
commonly known as RERA, was introduced in India in 2016. Among its many provisions, the
concept of the RERA number stands out as a crucial element that has revolutionized real estate
transactions in the country. In this blog, we will explore what the RERA number is and why it
holds such significance in the real estate sector.

Understanding the RERA Number
The RERA number, also known as the RERA registration number, is a unique identification
code assigned to every real estate project that falls under the purview of the Real Estate
(Regulation and Development) Act. This number is granted by the respective state’s Real Estate
Regulatory Authority (RERA) and is a mandatory requirement for all real estate projects,
including residential and commercial developments.

Key Components of the RERA Number

  1. State Code: The first part of the RERA number represents the state where the real estate
    project is located. Each state in India has its unique code.
  2. Project Registration Number: The next component is the project’s registration number, which
    is specific to that particular project. This number helps identify and differentiate various projects
    within the same state.
  3. Year of Registration: The RERA number also includes the year in which the project was
    registered under RERA. This helps track the project’s compliance with the law over time.

Importance of the RERA Number

  1. Transparency: The introduction of the RERA number has ushered in a new era of
    transparency in real estate transactions. Buyers can easily access crucial information about a
    project, such as its developer, approvals, financial details, and possession timelines, by simply
    referring to the RERA number. This transparency empowers buyers to make informed decisions
    and minimizes the risk of fraud.
  2. Accountability: The RERA number plays a pivotal role in holding developers accountable for
    their promises and commitments. It ensures that developers are legally bound to deliver what
    they have promised, as all project details are available in the public domain through the RERA
  3. Project Verification: Prospective buyers can use the RERA number to verify the authenticity
    of a real estate project. By cross-referencing the RERA number with the official records
    maintained by the state’s RERA authority, buyers can confirm the project’s legal status and
  4. Project Delays: The RERA number is instrumental in addressing one of the most common
    concerns of homebuyers – project delays. RERA mandates that developers update the project’s
    progress on the official RERA website at regular intervals. If a project is delayed beyond the
    stipulated timeline, buyers can use this information to seek legal remedies and compensation.
  5. Dispute Resolution: In case of disputes between buyers and developers, the RERA number
    facilitates a streamlined resolution process. Both parties can refer to the project’s details and
    agreements associated with the RERA number to resolve conflicts through the regulatory
  6. Investor Confidence: The presence of the RERA number has significantly boosted investor
    confidence in the Indian real estate market. It has made real estate investments more secure
    and predictable, attracting both domestic and foreign investors.
  7. Consumer Empowerment: The RERA number empowers homebuyers by providing them with
    access to comprehensive project information. This not only helps in making informed decisions
    but also encourages healthy competition among developers to deliver on their promises.

The RERA number has emerged as a powerful tool in the Indian real estate sector, transforming
the way transactions are conducted. Its introduction has not only brought about transparency
but also fostered trust and accountability between buyers and developers. With the RERA
number, buyers can easily access project details, verify their authenticity, and seek recourse in
case of any discrepancies.
In an industry that has historically been plagued by delays, fraud, and lack of transparency, the
RERA number serves as a beacon of hope for both homebuyers and investors. It is a testament
to the government’s commitment to creating a fair and equitable real estate market that benefits
all stakeholders.
As other countries contemplate real estate reforms, the Indian experience with the RERA
number can serve as a valuable example of how transparency and accountability can be
injected into the real estate sector, ultimately leading to a more prosperous and secure
environment for buyers and investors alike.

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