E-stamping will make Registration of Properties Easier and Quick.

Recently, finance minister of Haryana, Abhimanyu, introduced the e-stamping and online registration of properties in Haryana. Haryana’s state government has laid down goal of registering properties online till March, 2015. There are a number of efforts being made in order to alter the currently prevailing system of stamp duty which is charged on registries. 

This can be completely put to end with the e-stamping process. This decision to make online registration of properties online is taken by the state government so as to test out and stop the corruption in districts. On a trial basis, online registries will initiate to employ in Rohtak Tehsil from Dec 2015.

Further, all the officers engaged in the registry project are asked to get well-versed of the software which is to be used for online registries and they must also ensure the proper implementation of this entire project.

Since, e-stamping is introduced to manage and tackle with the forgery in registries and property authentication and to make the stamp duty payment convenient and easily accessible, therefore not only Haryana state government but other states also are taking initiatives in this direction. Some of the major advantages of e-stamping are enlisted as below:

• It can be used from anywhere and anytime.
• It allows convenient and easy payment methods through online mode.
• One can make payment of stamp duty online with the help of present tax payment channels or at stamp office as well.
• There is no need to confirm original document before stamp office if not opted for traditional stamp.
• One can put forward the application of stamping either in hard copy or soft copy.
• You can receive stamp certificate through the internet or also via document form, depends upon the mode of form submission.
• You can attach the certificate of stamp along with the original instrument as a proof of stamping.

Hence, e-stamping has a lot of advantages. It can be an effective tool to put an end to corruption and forgery. It is accessible and can be produced within few minutes. Besides, it is entirely tamper-proof and all the information is saved and protected by SHICL (Stock Holding Corporation of India). One can authenticate it only by online mode therefore the chance of any sort of frauds are totally eliminated with the prologue of e-stamping

(source: by  www.gurgaon properties.net)

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