Do I really need a real estate agent to help me with my realty investment decisions?

Many of us think that involving a real estate agent while investing in Gurgaon commercial property is an unnecessary expense – one that can be and should be avoided. After all, what value addition does an agent bring to the table? For most of us, the answer is none.

The decision to go solo on buying a property can be risky. You may say that it is a risky venture with or without an agent. True, but when you have an expert with you, chances are that you will make the better decisions with his expertise. It is primarily because the agent will help you make choices based on facts and real data or information.

Let us understand the role of a real estate agent in the realty investment process.

1. The first thing is about understanding your needs, wants, aspirations, and then the budget and motive of what all you want from commercial investment. It’s for self use or for just an rental purpose. An agent’s job is not an easy one – even the most experienced agent needs time to understand the client’s requirement and the thought behind his/her decision. Only then he can venture out to match needs and budgets with the inventory in hand.

2. You can do this work on your own by looking up property sites, but it is an agent who will be able to tell you if shortlisting  projects are viable decisions or not. It is because he does this, day in and day out. He is well conversant with the market, the projects, the builders and their reputations, and more. Also he will bring the best price to the table as he/she plays a very instrumental role in the market.

3. When it comes to researching in the realty sector, no one can do it better than the expert. He has his networks to dig out information. He has people on the ground, working round the clock to update him with details and latest information regarding competition, inventory and the response of the market towards that project – that is why it is important to hire an experienced agent. The more experience he had in the market, the better his connections and sources which will get you a better deal.

4. A real estate agent handles the property inspection – with his eye for details, he will always be able to spot quality work vs sub-standard quality. In case you are buying a pre-owned commercial property in Gurgaon, he will look out for the property condition and assess if it needs repairs, renovations, and rented out and so on.

5. The agent comes to your rescue in helping you understand the complex legal language of the contract and agreements drafted by the builder’s legal team. In case there is no agent, you will need to go to a lawyer to have the papers verified and authenticated.

6. An agent negotiates with the seller because he has been hired and will work in your best interest. The agent negotiates  better with the builder because of the past experience and latest information about the best price.

7. Finally, the tedious paperwork you need to do can be made super easy when a credible agent is involved. On your own, things can be quite long-drawn and frustrating. Not to forget the hassle and the stress that you need to handle each day.


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