Turn 2020 into a year of good fortune – invest in a smart realty project in Gurgaon

Let’s face it. 2020 was not a year that not many of us would love to remember. This year was when we realized that man is still at the mercy of nature irrespective of technological advancements. As the human race continues to battle the pandemic, the year is also almost about to end.

It is just the right time to bid goodbye to 2020 by striding forward with a smart decision. The decision to invest in realty! Of all places in India, investing in a commercial or a residential project in Gurgaon, the hub of all commercial and financial activity in north India, is the smartest move.

Why investing in commercial projects in Gurgaon in 2020 is a viable decision?

Project developers are in a mood to offer value add-ons now

You would be surprised to know that due to various reasons, the developers of many ongoing projects are interested in offering add-ons, either at very nominal charges or free of cost. All this to boost their sales and to keep the spirit of the industry factors upbeat! Some of the additional facilities include – interesting payment options, zero EMI till possession, 100% financing or reduced booking amount, and more. This year’s perceived adverse conditions turn out to be in the buyer’s favour empowering them to negotiate with builders.

Guaranteed returns on investment

Gurgaon is close to the capital of India and the posh South Delhi locality. Due to this, properties here have traditionally attracted higher ROI. Now, ever than before, is the time to make a viable investment in a commercial project in Gurgaon. There are smaller units available that are economically an advantage for investors looking to earn returns and for professionals and small business owners who are looking at self-use such spaces. Such units have a good sale value and, therefore, can be sold off anytime, helping the owner get meaningful returns.

Enhanced lifestyle in Gurgaon

The standard of living and the purchasing power of Gurgaon residents is higher compared to other adjoining areas. It is one of the highest in Gurgaon. That is why there is a beeline of residents in Gurgaon to malls and supermarkets every weekend. The weekdays too, see quite an incredible amount of traffic walking into these complexes. Thus, when investors choose to invest in a commercial project in Gurgaon in a high-street market or even malls, they can expect to attract good footfalls, increasing your sales and revenues, thereby.

Residential market is looking good too

Besides the commercial projects, investing in Gurgaon’s residential projects is a great idea as you gear up to welcome 2021. Most of the finished or underway projects are replenished with the best of modern living – from enhanced security to premium amenities, services for holistic living to features that promote the well-being of the mind and the body reasons enough that residential projects here attract buyers. Plus, Gurgaon is ideally located- it is so

close to the International Airport in Delhi. The best hospitals, schools, colleges, roads, flyovers, public transport, and shopping malls are located here, and the job market shows encouraging trends.

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