How Gurugram civic body is keeping track of illegal construction via app

GURUGRAM: The ‘Violation’ mobile application, developed by MCG, has received around 830 complaints alleging illegal construction and encroachments in the past three months.
While 570 complaints were recorded on the app in February, another 172 and 88 complaints were received in March and April, respectively.
According to an MCG official, the app was launched in an attempt to digitise the enforcement operations of the corporation, and now all the processes related to the enforcement wing are carried out online.
“The app has helped us bring in transparency and accountability in handling encroachment and unauthorised construction complaints. At the same time it has also made it easier to maintain a record of all such activities in the city,” said MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav.
Yadav added that every junior engineer in the wing has the app installed on their phones and when they receive the complaint on the app, they have to attend to it and update the status on the ground. “They need to be within a specified perimeter of the spot mentioned in the complaint in order to upload the details,” said Yadav.
The app was developed by the in-house GIS lab in order to ensure that the data cannot be misused by anyone outside the department. The app has a feature that sends a sealing notice to the defaulter automatically once a complaint gets registered. Illegal constructions and encroachments are rampant in the city and MCG has drawn flak for not being able to contain the menace despite regular sealing and demolition drives.
Between April 2018 and February 2019, the MCG has issued 846 notices for encroachments. Additionally, 389 demolition orders were passed during this time with 156 sealing drives and 141 demolitions.


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