Gurugram: Projects with cancelled licence may lose land

GURGAON: Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) is likely to take over the land of nine Gurgaon colonies, whose licences have been cancelled by DTCP. The department has formed a committee chaired by the HSVP administrator to explore ways to take possession of the land.
On Tuesday, the committee comprising HSVP administrator, district town planner and senior town planner held a meeting with representatives of the developers whose licences have been cancelled, and directed them to submit details of land, ownership, third party rights if any, amount of money they may have raised from investors/buyers, and if they had got buildings approved or begun construction. According to the officials, in most cases, construction hasn’t begun on the projects, indicating the lands are barren.
Earlier, DTCP had cancelled licenses of nine developers with residential and commercial projects in sectors 37, 74, 81A, 88, 95, 102, 107, 108, 110 and 114. All these sectors are along Dwarka Expressway, barring Sector 74, which is along Southern Peripheral Road (SPR). The builders have been restrained from sale, purchase or any other transaction related to these projects. The licences were cancelled for a range of reasons, such as non-payment of external development charges (EDC) and bank guarantees, not beginning development, not renewing licences, non-compliance with DTCP building norms, etc. According to sources, DTCP is yet to receive Rs 200 crore in EDC from builders involved in these projects.
After cancelling the licences, the DTCP director directed the Gurgaon deputy commissioner to prepare an assessment of the properties and liabilities of the developers and projects. If HSVP takes over the land of a project, it would be the first time that an urban development authority will take possession of land from a private developer for failing to pay government dues, or failing to develop a project on time.
However, it is still not clear how the urban development body, which is facing a financial crisis, will able to develop these projects, or what the fate of these projects would be. Officials claimed that investors and buyers would not be affected by the move, as the government would take care of their interest. In case HSVP takes over a project, the government would fulfil investors’ liabilities, an official said.
HSVP administrator Chandrashekhar Khare, who heads the committee, said they had a meeting with representatives of the concerned developers to know what they feel about the move. “We’ve asked them to submit details of the projects,” said Khare. District town planner R S Batth said work on most of the projects haven’t begun, and now they are checking whether developers had created any third party rights. “The department has installed boards on these plots, informing passersby to not invest in these projects,” said Batth.


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