Buyers say common toilet area given as office space in 2 Gurgaon projects

GURUGRAM: Yash Handa, an entrepreneur, had booked an office space in Precision Soho Tower in Sector 67 in 2009. Despite paying around 90% of the cost so far, he is yet to get possession. And his dreams were shattered recently when he found out that the office space allotted to him by Sana Realtors is actually meant for common toilet.

Handa who owns another office space in Sana Realtors’ Sector 50 project — Silverton Towers — found through an RTI query that multiple buyers were handed over common toilet as office space there too. He has now brought together all affected buyers in the two projects and lodged a complaint with the authorities, alleging the developer has cheated buyers by overselling in the two projects. In its preliminary probe, the department of town and country planning (DTCP) has found the allegations to be true.

“I booked an office space in Precision Soho Tower in 2009. The buyer-seller agreement was signed in 2010 in which I was allotted unit 441/442. The building was supposed to be completed by 2012, but it was delayed. Last year when I visited the site I was shocked to see that unit no.441/442 did not exist at all. So I had filed a police compliant after which I was allotted a new unit, 431/432, instead of 442/442,” Handa told TOI.

“Recently when I visited the site, I was shocked to see that unit no 431 has common toilets built. When I confronted the developer, officials told me that after DTCP issues occupation certificate (OC), the common toilets will be broken and I will be given the possession of the same space. So actually the space which has been sanctioned for common toilets has been sold to me,” he added.

Handa said the developer had cheated buyers in its Silverton Tower project too. “I got a copy of the original building plan through an RTI query to DTCP, which shows that Silverton Tower has three common toilets on each floor, whereas in reality there is only one common toilet on each floor. This means the other two common toilets shown in the approved building plan were sold as office space,” he said.

District town planner (enforcement) Rajendra Sharma said they found the allegations to be true after inspection of the Silverton Tower. “Similarly during inspection of Precision Soho Tower, we found the developer is planning to sell out common toilet. The common toilet in Precision Tower is made of wood as temporary structure. It’s suspicious,” he said.

However, Pankaj Gambir of Sana Relators denied the allegations. “There is no case of overselling, so no point in passing on common toilet as office space. The construction was done as per government norms and occupation certificate was issued by DTCP only after checking that building was constructed as per the approved plan,” he said.

(source by:-The Economic Times)  

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