Property cards issued by South Delhi Municipal Corporation

NEW DELHI: South corporation on Wednesday started distribution of Unique Property Identification Code (UPIC) cards along with inaugurating the “Link your Record” programme for residents in its jurisdiction. 
The taxpayers will now directly have access to their digitised records and will be able to upload their documents, which will be vetted by the civic body. UPIC cards have a QR Code, which on being scanned will directly links the user’s property record files. 
The civic body had run a 15-day pilot before inaugurating the scheme, which it claims will benefit four lakh people. 
South corporation mayor Shyam Sharma said that there are around 16 lakh properties under SDMC from whom tax needs to be collected. “To ensure collection from all property holders and identify the name and details of those who are not depositing tax, it is essential to have a separate unique UPIC Number,” he added. 

 (source by:-The Economic Times( ET REALITY) ) 

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