Manesar Land Scam

HSIIDC issues notices to DLF, Unitech, five others over Manesar land

HSIIDC issues notices to DLF, Unitech, five others over Manesar land

June 5, 2019 in Manesar Land Scam

GURUGRAM: Haryana State Industry and Infrastructure Corporation (HSIIDC) has issued notices to seven developers — ABW Infrastructure Ltd, DLF Home Developers Ltd, Innovative Infra Developers Pvt Ltd, Guru Nanak Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd, Unitech Ltd, Girnar Infrastructure Pvt Ltd and Kalinga Realtors Pvt Ltd — for not submitting details of their projects on the controversial 420 acres of land in Manesar as directed by the Supreme Court in March 12, 2018.
As part of its order in the Manesar land scam case, the apex court had said that HSIIDC would take over the land and ensure that the homebuyers either got refund or possession of their homes.
HSIIDC is required to match the claims of the homebuyers and the developers to execute the order. While most of the homebuyers have submitted their claims, the developers are yet to give the required details.
“We need details of the status of project and the expenditure incurred by the developers, along with details of payments made by the homebuyers,” said Narhari Banger, managing director, HSIIDC. He added that unless the developers submitted the details, the industrial corporation could not verify the homebuyers’ claims.
More than 3,000 homebuyers have been impacted by the scam.
The developers were given a deadline of June 15 to submit the details. Banger said that DLF submitted some of the details but the homebuyers’ claims could not be verified with that alone. While DLF has almost completed work on its project Kalinga Realtors, DLF Express Greens, several other developers are yet to start work.
The delay in verification led to resentment among homebuyers, who protested outside the HSIIDC office in Manesar in October 2018. The claims were to be verified within two months of the SC judgment.
HSIIDC has even approached the court, asking for an extension of the deadline. When contacted, a DLF spokesperson said, “We have filed our claims with HSIIDC. They have sent a new format for filing claims, which is not applicable to us. We will be replying to the corporation in this regard soon.”


Around 400 buyers of Manesar’s DLF Express Greens get possession after SC ruling

Around 400 buyers of Manesar’s DLF Express Greens get possession after SC ruling

April 5, 2019 in Manesar Land Scam

GURGAON: Around 400 buyers of DLF Express Greens in Manesar, which were affected by the Manesar land scam, got possession of their homes between October 2018 and March 2019, over 10 years after they had booked the same.
This was after the Supreme Court directed Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) Limited to expedite the process.
The project was one of three developed on land that was later deemed disputed. In the two other projects, construction hasn’t even begun at ABW Aditya Niketan, while it is halfway through in Anant Raj Madelia.
DLF Express Greens was 95% complete at the time of the SC ruling. Consequently, HSIIDC had directed the developer to finish the project and hand over the flats at the earliest.
“We’ve finally got possession of our homes, after a wait of more than a decade. Now we hope the external infrastructure around the project also gets developed at the earliest,” said Vikram Kataria, who received possession of his flat last week.
The problems of homebuyers are far from over. A team of owners met Rao Narbir Singh on March 22 to press for quick completion of the external infrastructure in the society, but the Union minister disappointed them, saying it was not under his purview. “While we have got possession of our homes, the supporting infrastructure is missing. We’ve approached the developer as well as HSIIDC about this several times and hope the impasse will be resolved soon,” said another homebuyer, requesting anonymity.
DLF, when approached on the matter, did not comment.
A further 800 flats are yet to be handed over, what with the verification of buyers by HSIIDC far from complete, making it impossible for these buyers to sell their properties.
The process of verification of buyers of ABW Aditya Niketan and Anant Raj Madelia is also under way. “We’re verifying claims of buyers. Once that’s complete, we can move ahead with the rest of the process,” said a senior HSIIDC official.
The two other projects are expected to take few more years to complete, said sources within HSIIDC. The industry body will first have to hire an external agency to complete the projects.
In March 2018, Supreme Court had reversed the acquisition of over 450 acre of land in Manesar, impacting thousands of homebuyers in three projects.
The Apex court had asked HSIIDC to evaluate the claims of homebuyers of all three projects and expedite hand over of flats.


Manesar land scam: Government fails to verify claims, buyers move SC

Manesar land scam: Government fails to verify claims, buyers move SC

January 1, 2019 in Manesar Land Scam, Real Estate News

The ABW Manesar Allottee Welfare Society, Gurugram on Saturday, filed a contempt petition against the state of Haryana and its agency, Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) in the Supreme Court for failing to comply with its earlier order, delivered on March 12, 2018, in the Manesar land case.

As per the March 12 order, HSIIDC was to verify claims of all homebuyers who had bought properties in projects developed on the land affected by the scam, within two months from the judgement date. However, HSIIDC is yet to complete the process. “Instead, HSIIDC is still juggling with a process, and have issued a fresh diktat to buyers to file documents which they have already submitted in April 2018,” said Naresh Jindal, president, ABW Manesar Allotee Welfare Society.

Sameer Chaddha, another homebuyer, said HSIIDC appears clueless, and while claims of buyers in other projects on the same land are being processed, ABW buyers are suffering. “It has been six months since the judgement and HSIIDC are asking for the same documents we have already delivered months back. There is absolutely no clarity on the status of claims or the project. It’s almost a decade since we bought our homes, and we’re still clueless about the future,” said Chaddha, who works as a senior manager at Maruti.

HSIIDC officials said they are planning to file an application with the Supreme Court for extension of a deadline for verification of homebuyer claims. “The time allotted to us by the SC was not enough to complete the verification process. Hence, we will seek an extension from the honourable court,” said a senior HSIIDC official.

He added that meanwhile, individual claims of homebuyers are being verified through an external auditor.


Manesar Land Scam: 3,600 Claims For Plots, Flats On Government’s Table

Manesar Land Scam: 3,600 Claims For Plots, Flats On Government’s Table

July 6, 2018 in Investment News, Manesar Land Scam

The government has received around 3,600 claims for plots and flats that were ensnared in the Manesar land scam, according to a reply to an RTI query.

In March this year, the Supreme Court ordered that the ownership of 688 acres of land that the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government had issued an acquisition notification for in 2004 but withdrawn subsequently — triggering distress sales in the interim to builders who promised more than the compensation the state was offering — would pass into the hands of government agencies HSIIDC and Huda.

The scam was estimated at Rs 1,500 crore with land being bought from locals at throwaway prices.

The Supreme Court had said all homebuyers who had bought properties in projects developed on the land in question were entitled to claim their properties. The claims were supposed to be filed within a month of the judgment. But for nearly the entire period, the Haryana government had not decided if Huda or HSIIDC would accept the claims. Ultimately, in April, HSIIDC was chosen as the agency for accepting claims from homebuyers as well as landlords.

The ABW Manesar Allottee Welfare Society has also filed a petition seeking clarification of the Supreme Court order. One of the petitioners, Naresh Jindal, said the court had directed claims for possession or refunds could be filed to Huda or HSIIDC but there was no clarity on the interest applicable or the timeline.

The RTI query was filed by Aseem Takyar.


Manesar Land Scam: Buyers Seek Clarity on SC Order

Manesar Land Scam: Buyers Seek Clarity on SC Order

June 25, 2018 in Investment News, Manesar Land Scam, Real Estate News

The ABW Manesar Allottee Welfare Society has filed a review petition, seeking clarification in the Supreme Court order dated March 12, 2018, on the Manesar land scam case, which reversed the decision to scrap the acquisition, and ruled that ownership of the land now rested with Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC). The review petition (number 022358/2018) was filed on Tuesday under Section 51 of the Civil Procedure, 1908, for clarification and modification of the order/judgement dated March 12, 2018.

One of the petitioners, Naresh Jindal, said the court had directed that members of the applicant could either apply for possession from Huda/HSIIDC or seek a refund from the aforesaid authorities. However, there’s no clarity on the interest applicable or mention of a timeline. “If a refund is sought by us applicants, we should be entitled to interest on the refund amount. But the rate of such interest has not been provided in the SC order,” said Jindal. Similarly, the order does not provide a fixed timeline for HSIIDC to complete construction and hand-over possession.

Homebuyers have further questioned whether buyers seeking refund should be eligible for 12% interest per year or not and that the court should fix a deadline for completion of construction. “We have requested the court to set a deadline for completion of construction, which is to be carried out by government authorities so that homebuyers do not have to wait another decade to get their homes,” said TS Rawat, another homebuyer.

Out of the 400 acre land under the Manesar scam, a big chunk was brought by ABW developers to build their project ABW Aditya Niketan. More than 2,000 homebuyers have invested in this project, but construction hasn’t even started.

Homebuyers have also highlighted that only recently, some private entities have got HSIIDC land registered in their names. “While the Court had appointed HSIIDC/Huda as custodian of the 400-acre land, there have been reports that parts of this land have been registered in private names, which is a concern,” said Mandeep Negi, another homebuyer.

TOI had earlier reported that less than two months after the Supreme Court order in the Manesar land scam, a portion of the 400-acre land, whose ownership the SC had vested with HSIIDC, was sold off by private individuals through 20 different registries at the Manesar tehsil office. A tehsildar, a Nayab Tehsildar, a registry clerk and two computer operators were involved in the land deals, which were signed from March 14. Once it became public, even though the state government swiftly inquired into the matter and suspended the tehsildar and other junior employees, homebuyers are worried this could affect them.

Meanwhile, HSIIDC has missed the two-month deadline to verify ownership claims of homebuyers who had bought properties in the land in question. SC said applicants had a month to file their claims on properties and the government body had to verify these within two months of judgement. However, almost three months later, the process is yet to be completed.

The Manesar land deals happened in 2004 when the BS Hooda-led Congress government had withdrawn a notification for acquiring 688 acres, after initially issuing it. Meanwhile, the prospect of acquisition triggered distress sales among landowners, who were persuaded that selling out to private developers would fetch them a better price. By the time the state rescinded the notification, builders had managed to buy 400 acres for Rs 100 crore, where the market value was Rs 1,600 crore.


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